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The Lin Life Universe

Apr 27, 2019

Ever hear the phrase love is not enough. Well sometimes sorry is not enough. A bad apology is one where you don’t even really say you’re sorry. You’re kinda like  I’m sorry if you felt that way even though someone has just told you that you’ve hurt them. Or sometimes you apologize and expect instant forgiveness, you don’t allow the other person to process their emotions. I had an ex who once left me waiting for a couple hours which I found pretty disrespectful. He apologized and gave me lots of reasons why he was late making me feel even more unimportant. He also didn’t know that my language of apology was making restitution. As a result, I needed some space on my own to mend myself since he wasn’t part of that process. He got even more upset condemning me for overreacting. His response ironically was a huge overreaction where he wanted to re-define the relationship. Obviously we’re not together anymore.
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