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The Lin Life Universe

Apr 30, 2019

I’m super excited to introduce the topic for May because I love to travel. It’s played an important part of my education beyond the classroom. It’s easy to be ignorant until you realize that no matter where you go in the world people want the same things. To feel safe. To be seen, heard and loved. To know they matter and their lives make a difference. To fall asleep with the warmth of caring arms nearby and a belly satisfied by sustenance and a few laughs for good measure. Next week when i go to Finland, that will be country #39. I’ve had the great privilege of visiting countries on 5 continents, all except Africa and Antarctica. The leading continent is Europe with 17 countries.  While the count of 15 countries in Asia is less, the diversity of regions has been greater. My most visited country has been Spain, I’ve been six years in a row. The activity that has taken me to the most places besides eating is scuba diving, I’ve been diving in 7 countries. Stay tuned for my most memorable highlights in each country.
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