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The Lin Life Universe

Aug 27, 2019

I often share what I’m doing that I think is working well. But in this area, I know I can do better when I need access to cash. I need to upgrade my travel debit card. Typically, it’s been a BofA or Wells Fargo debit card. The cards have a $5 fee for withdrawals outside the bank network which basically means any withdrawal overseas. This summer I was on a family trip and was responsible for spending cash for 5 other relatives on a 14 day tour through Europe. I normally make relatively few withdrawals but when I was at the atm every other day during our trip, the fees became excessive. 
Charles Schwab is the most highly recommended debit card in my network of fellow travelers and it’s easy to obtain by opening a no fee brokerage account that does not require a minimum deposit. They refund all atm fees. The other option that may soon be available in the US is the Revolut card. It’s popular in Europe and lets you automatically exchange money to the local currency which is fantastic when your trip involves multiple currencies.
I’m eager to make the switch and stop paying unnecessary fees.
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