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The Lin Life Universe

Aug 29, 2019

Air travel is not environmentally sustainable in its current form. The most environmentally friendly option is to walk or ride a bike. That’s just not an option for getting from the US to Europe. But once I get there, one of my favorite modes of transport is train. With all the security measures and extra time required around flights, sometimes a train can be more relaxing than a flight. For example, the train from Paris to Barcelona is 6.5 hours. At first that sounds like a long time but that is from city center to city center. But if we fly it’s likely going to be on a discount airline like Ryanair or Vueling and likely from an airport that is outside the city limits. Let’s say that takes you an hour, then add the two hours of recommended check-in and security, then almost 2 hours for the flight and then another hour on the backend to get you to the city center. That’s 6 hours already and that’s if you don’t experience any flight delays. My favorite app for booking train tickets is Loco2. European state-owned websites like Renfe in Spain can be clunky and cranky. A great resource for getting around Europe by train is
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