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The Lin Life Universe

Aug 31, 2019

For travel accommodations, I use Airbnb if I’m looking for a space for a few days with a kitchen. I avoid it the first night if I’m arriving after dark. It’s just too uncomfortable to be in a new city after dark with luggage and not have a smooth and guaranteed check-in process. One time I was at a pizza delivery shop in Nice for over an hour late at night waiting for someone to let me in across the street because they went to a concert and their car was blocked in. I mainly used the app for the majority of my accommodations bookings this summer in Europe. I used Agoda as a backup for a price check and they occasionally had a better price or option. But for the most part, the filters on made it the easiest to use. At the top of my list is location and I could easily sort by distance from the train and scan the map. The common filters I used were price range, free cancellation and property type. And when I did need to cancel, I found it fairly straightforward.
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