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The Lin Life Universe

Jan 29, 2019

I want to share how I harness the energy of jealousy. Something that really helps is having confidence. Because jealousy is the emotion relating to fear that something you have or someone will be taken away by someone or something. I really feel like there is nobody else like me in this world. So what do I have to fear, right? Even with that confidence, I’ll still feel jealous occasionally. I’ll look at that moment and ask what’s the deeper emotion behind that? There’s no way I could be jealous over someone I don’t even care about. It’s a strong emotion that is telling me hey I care about this person. Then it’s oh what a nice feeling it is to care about this person. I focus on that. If it’s appropriate, I find a way to show my caring. It gives my jealousy a positive outlet. If it’s a close friend making new friends without me, what can I do to encourage our friendship? If it’s a romantic partner spending time with other people, how can I continue to be a bright light and indispensable? If it’s a family member with new commitments, how can I support them which helps them and gives us more time?