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The Lin Life Universe

Jan 30, 2019

How do you handle being irritated at somebody? Ask yourself what it is about their behavior that bothers you in this situation. They're just going about their lives being themselves. Just so happens it doesn’t live up to your expectations. In truth we have many, many of these. My tip: write down what is actually irritating you about the interaction. Sometimes seeing it on paper looks so ridiculous you’ll be able to laugh at your humanity. If you can’t succinctly write it out, then there’s just something else that is bothering you. This person may bring it out and they may cause some feeling to surface. But it’s something you’re still working out within yourself. Perhaps it’s your inability to speak up, or frustration that you can’t articulate what you feel or maturity to handle a certain emotion. Often the cause is from within and you would benefit from a little self-care. Because if you knew, you would address it and cease to be irritated.